Creepy-Looking Action-RPG Death Trash Will Launch In Steam Early Access On August 5

The game’s campaign supports co-op so you can bring along a friend if things get too creepy for you.

Metroid Prime – First Playthrough (Day 11 Finale)

Day 11, & the last day of my Metroid Prime playthrough! ‘Sporty Samus’ makes a return, we fight Meta Ridley (4:20), make our way through the scary Impact Crater (33:04), and of course fight METROID PRIME! (Final fight starts at 57:52, second phase at 1:48:34, victory at 2:17:20.) This boss was TOUGH, it took many attempts & breaks, but we did it!!

Thank you so much for your support of my Metroid Prime playthrough! At the moment I’m not planning on playing the other Prime games, but that may change in the future. Our next metroidvania is Axiom Verge, then we’ll be joining up with Samus again for Metroid: Zero Mission! ��

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The Quarry gameplay walkthrough part 1 with my girlfriend Samara Redway! This stream is sponsored by 2K. #sponsored
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DEAD SPACE Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough – (#DeadSpace Full Game) 2022

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Dead Space Playlist:

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“Only the Dead Survive. A massive deep-space mining ship goes dark after unearthing a strange artifact on a distant planet. Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on the repair mission, only to uncover a nightmarish blood bath — the ship’s crew horribly slaughtered and infected by alien scourge.”
—Dead Space description on Steam.
Dead Space is a third-person survival horror video game, developed by EA Redwood Shores (now known as Visceral Games) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It is the first installment in the Dead Space series and was released on October 14, 2008 on PS3 and Xbox 360 and October 20 for Windows. The player takes on the role of an engineer named Isaac Clarke, who battles the polymorphic undead species called the “Necromorphs” on board a stricken interstellar mining ship named the USG Ishimura.