New Knockout City Heroes Trailer Reveals The Superpowers You Can Unleash In Upcoming Event

Knockout City Heroes is scheduled to begin August 24.

Knockout City Season 4 — Alien Invaders Launch Trailer

Season 4 is coming to Knockout City… and it’s bringing some new friends. Friends from out of town. Far out of town. You might even say they’re out of this world.

Roll out the welcome mat or warm up your throwing shoulder: Knockout City™ Season 4: Alien Invaders begins on December 7! It started with whispers of aliens invading our fair city and abducting brawlers. That was before Police Commissioner Chase and the Knockout City Defense Force were on the case, trying to keep our city safe. Some say that Chase is taking it too far, with too much aggression. And with rumors of black-suited Brawlers making an appearance, it’s hard to keep this tangled web of tentacles straight.

Investigate a new map: the Alien Smash Site at the Overland Farms! And by investigate I mean pelt ‘em with dodgeballs while enjoying the map’s fly new traversal system: UFO Saucers that brawlers can hover around the map, or abduct dodgeballs from below right into their hands.Hope you brawlers like heights: the farm is floating and silos are flying high. They aren’t called Unidentified Driving Objects!

Unlock UFOs as your crew vehicles, and chug down the all new Pom Passer energy drink. Explore the mysteries of the city’s invaders or upgrade your brawler’s look with an all-new, alien-themed Brawl Pass, complete with a new season of Deep Space Dispatches. Rally your Crew and jump back into a new season of League Play, with all-new rewards, and complete your Weekly Crew Contracts for an all-new slate of gear to perfect your Crew’s look.

See you on December 7, Brawlers! There’s friends for the making and wins for the taking!

Knockout City is available now, and free to try up to Street Rank 25*, with cross-play and cross-progression across PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

Learn more about the game: https://www.ea.com/games/knockout-city

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Knockout City Season 7 Teaser

Under Knockout City’s streets, something is bubbling to the surface . . .

Find out more on August 25th, brawlers! ��

SUPERPOWERS IS BACK – Knockout City Season 5

Knockout City Season 5 is here and the greatest mode of all time Superpowers is back as well! Join me, a dev, and a legend as we check out what’s new in Knockout City season 5 and stomp some matches in the Superpowers playlist!

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