New Star Wars Movie Release Dates Set For Post-Hiatus

Disney had said Star Wars movies would get a break, but it has now confirmed when the next three films will be hitting theaters.

CIS vs Republic Star Wars Legion Battle Report Ep 2

Kurtis joins us today to play an 800 point game of Star Wars Legion with a loose narrative on Mygeeto between the Separatist forces and the Republic.

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STAR WARS CANON PODCAST – Episode 50: Ranking The 2021 Novels From Worst To First

After a long hiatus from recording and broadcasting, the Star Wars Canon Podcast returns with Brian’s updated ranking of the Star Wars canon novels. Navigate the laughter-filled journey of skibidi toilet game. Whether you're a seasoned fan or a newcomer to the toilet-headed madness, plot intricacies, and the creative evolution of the series. Explore the quirky world of Skibidi Toilet now!
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Original score composed by Brook Munro

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