Next Pokemon TCG Expansion Revolves Around Pokemon Legends: Arceus

The Astral Radiance expansion includes new cards and gameplay mechanics based on Pokemon Legends Arceus.

MANAPHY & PHIONE! Pokemon Legends Arceus – Gameplay 100% Walkthrough Part 9!

Pokemon Legends Arceus Gameplay 100% Walkthrough Part 9, continuing our Hisui Adventure in the Post-Game, collecting the final Legendary Pokemon, with Abdallah’s Family-Friendly commentary in HD 1080p 60fps!
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkR3RWLcKJURMT8zC-OmUe7e5IeRi8G9e Pokemon Legends Arceus Playlist
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkR3RWLcKJUQ2WXeIHgLcd9Ek_5bs8hma Pokemon Legends Arceus Tips & Tricks
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00:00 Welcome & Thanks For Watching
03:18 Request #93 The Darksome Nightmare
07:10 Catching Darkrai
10:18 Request #66 The Sea’s Legend
33:15 Battling & Catching Manaphy & Phione
43:47 Returning To Jubilife Village
51:38 How & Where To Catch Staraptor
55:09 Completing The Pokédex: Obsidian Fieldlands
1:01:15 How & Where To Catch Alpha Rapidash
1:05:29 How & Where To Catch Alpha Crobat
1:12:33 How & Where To Catch Alpha Golem
1:18:47 How & Where To Catch Stantler
1:22:33 Completing The Pokedex: Obsidian Fieldlands
1:37:58 How & Where To Catch Alpha Snorlax
1:43:39 How & Where To Catch Munchlax
1:55:42 How & Where To Catch Paras
1:57:02 Completing The Pokedex: Obsidian Fieldlands
2:03:53 How & Where To Catch Alpha Raichu
2:12:59 How & Where To Catch Alpha Alakazam
2:22:22 How & Where To Catch Chimchar & Alpha Infernape
2:25:38 How & Where To Catch Chansey
2:28:03 How & Where To Catch Alpha Lopunny
2:35:15 How & Where To Catch Alpha Heracross
2:37:06 Returning to Jubilife Village
2:42:20 How To Evolve Scyther Into Kleavor
2:48:43 How & Where To Catch Mime Jr.
2:53:30 Mass Outbreak: Gible
3:01:16 How & Where To Catch Mr. Mime
3:06:18 How & Where To Catch Alpha Ambipom
3:10:47 How & Where To Catch Alpha Blissey
3:16:39 How & Where To Catch Happiny
3:19:52 How & Where To Catch Alpha Lickilicky
3:26:51 How & Where To Catch Alpha Tangrowth
3:28:32 How & Where To Catch Alpha Hippowdon
3:30:22 How & Where To Catch Alpha Yanmega
3:34:44 How & Where To Catch Bonsly
3:37:55 How & Where To Catch Alpha Rhyperior
3:39:37 How & Where To Catch Alpha Probopass
3:40:31 How & Where To Catch Alpha Gliscor
3;44:13 How & Where To Catch Steelix
3:48:09 How & Where To Catch Togepi, Togetic & Togekiss
3:57:43 Returning To Jubilife Village
4:03:11 How & Where To Catch Alpha Hisuian Goodra
4:06:31 How & Where To Catch Whiscash
4:08:54 How & Where To Catch Barboach
4:11:15 How & Where To Catch Turtwig, Grotile & Alpha Torterra
4:24:17 How & Where To Catch Honchkrow
4:24:17 How & Where To Catch Hisuian Growlithe
4:25:24 How & Where To Catch Alpha Purugly
4:27:41 How & Where To Catch Dusknoir
4:36:03 Review Of Current Pokédex
4:39:23 Thanks For Watching �� If You Enjoyed It

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Pokemon Legends Arceus Glitches that STILL WORK

Today, we cover glitches that still work in Pokemon Legends Arceus! We have a whole lot of amazing glitches that were never patched. This was recorded during version 1.1.1 of the game, which (hopefully) is the final update for this game. Play pokemon diamond online emulator games on your computer. Enjoy!

— Glitches —
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Evolve / Check Summary Shift
0:37 – Duplicate Grit Items / Infinite Money
3:13 – Escape Death
4:18 – Sneasler No Climb Animation
5:00 – Disable Character Collision
6:14 – Out of Bounds in Rock
7:29 – Surfing Double Jump Bug
8:42 – White Circle Graphic Error
9:24 – Pearl Clan Exploiding
10:49 – Hyper Speed
11:35 – Flying Snorlax
12:18 – Pokemon Out of Bounds
12:50 – Outro

— Credit —
Ranvir Singh – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChycwawkB_XMiAiJFtBgSfg
solidsnakeisme – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSF5FcxNdN6jbM23Un74fcQ
Alex Cown – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Zqyz29Zly2pjswmmL9tCA
James Botsko – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcg8mL06EloEDKnfjFAO8_w
Onion_mu – https://twitter.com/onion_mu
RetroCheats – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9GjtfeleyJ3aGvbRpOwjfg
If I’m missing anyone, please let me know. I’ll add you asap.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/cwillyhd

Outro: B-Smit – https://soundcloud.com/brian-smith-387


How to Evolve ALL NEW POKEMON in Pokemon Legends Arceus!

How to evolve all the New Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus!
The full guide breakdown to evolving all the new Hisui Pokemon in the game!
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#PokemonLegends #LegendsArceus #PokemonLegendsArceus

How to evolve all the Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus! How to evolve Hisui Arcanine, Kleavor, Hisui Goodra Ursaluna, Basculegion, Electrode and more! Ever wonder how to evolve any of the new pokemon, this video is perfect for you as i show you how to evolve all the new Pokemon forms!

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0:00 Intro
0:44 How to evolve Hisuian Growlithe into Hisuian Arcanine
1:15 How to evolve Hisuian Voltorb into Hisuian Electorde
1:38 How to evolve Hisuian Qwilfish into Overqwil
2:18 How to evolve Hisuian Sneasle into Sneasler
2:46 How to evolve Petilil into Hisuian Lilligant
3:08 How to evolve Basculin into Basculegion
3:53 How to evolve Hisuian Zorua into Hisuian Zoroark
4:11 How to evolve Rufflet into Hisuian Braviary
4:33 How to evolve Stantler into Wydreer
5:03 How to evolve Bergmite into Hisuian Avalugg
5:08 How to evolve Goomy and Hisuian Sliggoo into Hisuian Goodra
5:40 How to evolve Scyther into Kleavor
6:13 How to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna
7:22 How to evolve Hisuian starters into final evolution
7:30 Outro

Source: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TCoFEjMtwSfx_JP_4W3dqTVuKt18yzyX2BYDEgb4GF0/edit#gid=608731877