PS 4 UI, dashboard demo

Check out an in-depth video demonstration of how the next-generation console operates.

PS4 Interface Commercial

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Top 7+ Best Free React.js Admin Dashboard Templates on Github You Must Use for 2021

There are so many open-source and free react templates, react dashboards, and react admins available on GitHub that it might be challenging to pick a good one. To help you, we have spent hours collecting the best UI kits. You can use them to find inspiration or to save time.
��Quality factors:
✔ Features and design: You need your interface to be functional and beautiful, one can’t go without the other.
✔ Popularity & Review: The more users, the more likely the product will answer your needs. Social proof is important.
✔ Support & Update: While almost none of the free items will provide support, some allow you to upgrade to a paid version with support. The open-source ecosystem is constantly making progress. You need to pick an item that stays up to date to benefits from the latest hot improvements. You don’t want to be left behind and lose over your competitors because they are more efficient.

Developing an admin area for your React web application can be very time-consuming. And it is just as important as designing all of the front-end pages.
These templates are truly valuable and make it easier for developers to build the UI of an application’s backend.
Also, they will help you polish the admin area of your website and overcome some technical challenges of making all of the UI parts yourself. You can use these admin dashboard templates as a skeleton and create your own web application and dashboards for your website.

✨Here is a list of the top 7 React.js admin templates with a remarkable design in 2021:

1️⃣ Airframe React (+3.5k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/0wczar/airframe-react
Demo: http://dashboards.webkom.co/react/airframe/dashboards/analytics

2️⃣ Core UI (+3.1k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/coreui/coreui-free-react-admin-template
Demo: https://coreui.io/react/demo/free/3.1.1/#/dashboard

3️⃣ Devias Kit (+2.8k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/devias-io/material-kit-react
Demo: https://react-material-dashboard.devias.io/app/dashboard

4️⃣ Material Dashboard React (+1.7k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/creativetimofficial/material-dashboard-react
Demo: https://demos.creative-tim.com/material-dashboard-react/? &_ga=2.78238998.305773942.1614477994-819465229.1613304519#/admin/dashboard

5️⃣ Tabler React (+1.7k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/tabler/tabler-react/tree/version-2
Demo: https://tabler-react.com/

6️⃣ Shards Dashboard (+1.3k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/DesignRevision/shards-dashboard-react/blob/master/README.md
Demo: https://designrevision.com/demo/shards-dashboard-lite-react/blog-overview

7️⃣ Reduction React (+1.1k ⭐ Github)
More info (download here): https://github.com/reduction-admin/react-reduction
Demo: https://reduction-admin.github.io/react-reduction/

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Complete PS4 UI Walkthrough [Multi-tasking, Settings, Profiles, Messages, PS Store, etc.]

Here is a complete walkthrough of the PlayStation Dynamic Menu for the PS4. You’ll see pretty much everything inside the UI, and how to operate it. Because stuff like that is cool right? Right? Perhaps I’m wrong. But hey! Here’s a video of it anyway. Navigate through expert recommendations and find the best dumb phone that perfectly balance utility and simplicity. Make an informed decision on your next mobile device.

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